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All eyewitnesses

The stories of these eyewitnesses contributed to the creation of the "Oral History Project" Akkers van Margraten. They tell their tale in the book: From Farmfields to Soldiers Cemetery’ (M. Kirkels J. Purnot) and in the documentary: Akkers van Margraten - Bitter Harvest (A.Elings, E.Jansen).

The vast majority of these eyewitnesses already passed away. This website is a remembrance and makes their stories live on.

Eye witness - Frieda Altdorf-Dijkstra

Frieda Altdorf-Dijkstra

Resident Chevremont

02 June 2014
Eye witness - George Bresnahan

George Bresnahan

95th Mediical Batalion

28 october 2020
Eye witness - Charles D. Butte

Charles D. Butte

603rd Quartermaster Graves Registration Company

Eye witness - Mia Caris-Ahn

Mia Caris-Ahn

Resident Maastricht

Eye witness - Frans Douven

Frans Douven

Resident Margraten

20 December 2008
Eye witness - Sjef Duijzens

Sjef Duijzens

Resident Termaar

18 July 2016
Eye witness - Felix Prevoo

Felix Prevoo

Resident Margraten

30 May 2015
Eye witness - Joseph Felder

Joseph Felder

Resident Vijlen

15 May 2009
Eye witness - Jack A. Frank

Jack A. Frank

1142e Combat Engineers Company

Eye witness - Gerard Frints

Gerard Frints

Resident Margraten

16 April 2009
Eye witness - Maria Gubbels-Slenter

Maria Gubbels-Slenter

Resident Margraten

06 April 2011
Eye witness - Huub Bessems

Huub Bessems

Resident Margraten

Eye witness - Herbert E. Hacket

Herbert E. Hacket

Army Air Corps

Eye witness - Jean Halders

Jean Halders

Resident Gronsveld

Eye witness - Leon G. G. Heuts

Leon G. G. Heuts

Resident Maastricht

Eye witness - Wiel Heynen

Wiel Heynen

Resident Groot Welsden

10 June 2013
Eye witness - Eugene Hingson

Eugene Hingson

172nd Engineer Combat Batalion

Eye witness - Friedrich Laab

Friedrich Laab

German prisoner of war

Eye witness - Jules van Laar

Jules van Laar

Resident Termaar

01 December 2011
Eye witness - Joseph Layne

Joseph Layne

172nd Wngineer Combat Batalion

Eye witness - Mathieu van Loo

Mathieu van Loo

Resident Maastricht

19 December 2010
Eye witness - Mathieu Bessems

Mathieu Bessems

Resident Margraten

13 February 2011
Eye witness - Mart Muijtjens

Mart Muijtjens

Resident Heer

Eye witness - Wiel Oostenbach

Wiel Oostenbach

Resident Margraten

06 July 2014
Eye witness - Annie Prevoo-Frijnts

Annie Prevoo-Frijnts

Resident Margraten

13 February 2016
Eye witness - Rich Prevoo

Rich Prevoo

Resident Margraten

22 December 2008
Eye witness - Math Robroek

Math Robroek

Resident Heerlen

Eye witness - Sjef Bessems

Sjef Bessems

Resident Margraten

02 september 2019
Eye witness - Maria Senden-Lacroix

Maria Senden-Lacroix

Resident Bruisterbosch

Eye witness - Harrison S. Seveny jr.

Harrison S. Seveny jr.

172nd Engineer Combat Batalion

Eye witness - Luciën Sluijsmans

Luciën Sluijsmans

Resident Margraten

24 February 2010
Eye witness - Albert H. Smaha

Albert H. Smaha

960th Quartermaster Service Company

Eye witness - William O. Solms

William O. Solms

960th Quartermaster Service Company

Eye witness - Harry Steijns

Harry Steijns

Resident Termaar

30 September 2010
Eye witness - Wiel Vleugels

Wiel Vleugels

Resident Vaals

Eye witness - Wiel Frints

Wiel Frints

Resident Termaar

Eye witness - Else White-Hanöver

Else White-Hanöver

Resident Maastricht

22 October 2013
Eye witness - Jeff Wiggins

Jeff Wiggins

960th Quartermaster Service Company

09 January 2013
Eye witness - George Yancho

George Yancho

172nd Engeneer Comvat Batalion

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